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Muharraq Charity Association

More than 35 years have passed since the founding of the association, where a group of loyal countrymen laid the first brick in 1988 AD as a social committee; Then in 1993 AD it turned into a charitable fund, and in 2011 AD it turned into a charitable association, and through all these years the association abounded with diligent work in the charitable and humanitarian field.


Muharraq Charitable Society

More than 23 years have passed since the establishment of the Muharraq Charity Fund, where a group of loyal sons of the nation laid the first building block for the fund, which later turned into the Muharraq Charity Association. These years were full of continuous work and ambition in order for the association to achieve its good reputation in the field of work. Charity thanks to God Almighty first, and then thanks to the sincere efforts of the brothers members of the association who worked diligently sincerity and dedication and took a lot of their time for charitable work, sensing the words of God Almighty; and say work, and God will see your work and His Messenger and the believer and n; And the saying of our Holy Prophet; May God prayers and peace be upon him ( He who strives to protect the window and the poor is like one who strives in the way of God or one who stands up for the night and fasts during the day)


God Almighty Said: { if you disclose your alms, it is good; but if you hide it and give it to the poor, it is better for you, and it expiates for you some of your misdeeds. And Alla is Aware of what you do } [Al-Baqarah: 271]

He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said:
“There is no one among you except that God will speak to him, and there is no interpreter between him and him, so the one who is right of him looks and sees nothing but what he has presented, and the one who is left of him looks and sees nothing but what he has presented, then he looks in front of him and sees nothing but the fire in front of this face, so fear the Fire.” Even if with half date [ Narrated by Muslim ]